Maryland Bench Warrant

Do you have a Bench Warrant in Maryland?

A bench warrant is issued when an individual was scheduled to appear in court and failed to appear. When this occurs, a “bench warrant” is automatically issued with your name on it. In many cases, the individual involved is not even aware that they had a court date. This happens frequently when people move and the court does not have their current address. The order to appear comes to their old address, they don’t receive it, and a bench warrant is issued with their name on it. The next thing that often occurs is that the individual is pulled over for some minor infraction, or even in a traffic stop and when their name is ran through the computer they are immediately arrested and taken to jail, based on the warrant. Usually when the arrest is effected you are at risk of being jailed until your new trial date. If you have discovered that there is bench warrant with your name on it, it is crucial that you contact a Maryland criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of John Adams to assist you in getting the warrant handled.

Bench Warrant Defense Lawyer in Maryland
Getting a warrant removed requires skilled legal action. In order to seek to avoid your arrest, which places you at risk of being jailed until your trial date, you will need a skilled defense lawyer on the case. At the Law Offices of John Adams we have the experience and ability to get bench warrants cancelled or lifted. Call our firm immediately. You are in grave jeopardy until the warrant is cleared.

Contact a Maryland Bench Warrant Criminal Defense lawyer from the Law Offices of John Adams if you are seeking a high-powered, relentless criminal defense lawyer to fight aggressively for your defense of a Bench Warrant.

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