Driving without a License


Maryland Law: Driving without a License

First Offense All Subsequent Offenses
60 days, and/or $500 fine 1 year, and/or $500 fine

§ 16-101. Drivers must be licensed (a) In general. — An individual may not drive or attempt to drive a motor vehicle on any highway in this State unless: (1) The individual holds a driver’s license issued under this title; (2) The individual is expressly exempt from the licensing requirements of this title; or (3) The individual otherwise is specifically authorized by this title to drive vehicles of the class that the individual is driving or attempting to drive. (b) Motor-assisted bicycles. — Each individual operating on any highway in this State a moped, as defined in § 11-134.1 of this article or a motor scooter, as defined in § 11-134.5 of this article, shall have with the individual: (1) A driver’s license issued to the individual under this title, which license may be of any class issued by the Administration; (2) If the individual is a nonresident of this State, a license to drive issued to the individual by the state or country of the individual’s residence, which license may be for any class of vehicle; or (3) A moped operator’s permit issued to the individual under this subtitle.

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