Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations


• We know the importance of fighting a criminal complaint before charges are filed and the case goes to court.
• When investigating your case, we direct outside investigators to use state of the art databases and equipment to uncover critical information and evidence to defend our clients.
• Our investigators use any and all means to legally obtain the evidence or statements needed to get the results you deserve!

Crime Scene Investigations Include:

• Photographs/Videos Sketches, Diagrams and Measurements
• Witness Interviews
• Follow Up and Development of Leads
• Police Interviews Fire/Rescue Ambulance Interviews
• Victim Interviews
• Secondary Forensic Evidence Testing
• Witness/Suspect Location
• Polygraph Examinations and Interpretations
• Background Investigations of Involved Parties 
Confidential Informants and Sources

During a Pre-File Investigation a Client is contacted by a law enforcement agency, however, charges have not actually been filed.

• Pre-File Investigations Include:
• Polygraph Examinations and Interpretations
• Police Investigations
• Psychological Experts Photographs of Location and Victims
• Locating Other Wrongly Accused Individuals
• Computer/Internet Experts Confidential Informants and Sources
• Public Record Searches
• Goals of a Pre-File Investigation

Prevent filing.

• Reduce Charges; ie, felony to a misdemeanor.
• Divert allegations into an informal resolution.
• Ease clients’ concerns about the case.
• Keep clients apprised of legal rights.
• Assist with surrender and avoid arrest.

Ways to prevent charges from being filed

• Bolster client’s credibility
• Private polygraph – if the results are favorable, then they will be shared.
• Reference letters from community leaders, religious leaders, teachers, friends, etc.
• Attack complaint credibility of the victim
• Use other witnesses to question the reputation and truth of the victim.
• Unsubstantiated allegations against others made by the victim.

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