Mistake: Hiring the wrong type of lawyer

Many attorneys take these cases when they are not truly criminal defense lawyers. Often, they are general practitioners who primarily handle non criminal cases. They are divorce, bankruptcy, estate, real estate, business or other kinds of lawyers. It is, therefore, common for people to be dissatisfied with their representation and the money they paid for it. In contrast, I concentrate my practice on criminal defense cases. Only in that way can I be at the top of the profession and consistently outperform. Which results in the highest percentage of satisfied clients as possible. Every case has issues and weaknesses. As a criminal defense only lawyer I an exceptional at finding each and every issue that pertains to your case and exploit them to your advantage. Like no other lawyer

Mistake: Retaining the cheapest attorney you can find

A number of attorneys will advertise or quote low rates. You get what you pay for. Any lawyer who has a set cheap rate without regard to the particulars of your case and your background, situation, and interests simply cannot afford to do the thorough preparation of your case and devote the time and hard work that I put into every case. That, along with nearly thirty (30) years of experience, superior ability at trial, reputation and tenacity gets you the best results. I am most effective at avoiding mediocre results. I want each and every client to be completely satisfied by the time their case is completed, and feel that their fee was more than worth what they got for it.

Mistake: Not taking an arrest seriously

You should act promptly and hire an attorney as soon as possible. You need advice and counsel. What to do and not do. A demand for speedy trial, for instance, may need to be made. There are many issues and strategies to be formulated. Proper preparation of your case involves a lot of work and time. There is only so much time before the court date. It must not be wasted.