MVA Hearings

Numerous grounds exist under which the MVA can seek to suspend or revoke your driver’s license and privilege to drive in Maryland. In DUI cases the MVA may seek to suspend your license if you took a breath test or refused a test. After your case goes to Court the MVA can seek to suspened your license again or even revoke it based on the outcome of the case. Transportation Articles 16-205 and 16-404 are but a few of the grounds upon which the MVA uses. If you receive any type of notice that your license will be suspended or revoked, whether from the officer who arrested you in a DUI or via mail, immediately read all documents carefully and be sure to request a hearing in accordance with the procedures set forth and especially within the time limit for doing so. A hearing takes place before an Administrative law Judge. It is at that hearing that you need a good lawyer to represent you.


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