Maryland Weapons Offense


Charged with a Weapons Offense in Maryland?

Maryland has strict laws regarding firearms, and if they are violated, you can face jail, which can include a mandatory minimum sentence, expensive fines and supervised probation. If you have been arrested and charged with any crime involving a firearm, it is critical that you contact a Maryland firearm offenses defense lawyer without delay. At the Law Offices of John Adams we have many years of experience defending those charged with a variety of firearm offenses, including the following:
• Assault with the use of a gun or other firearm
• Firearm possession without a legal permit
• Possession of illegal firearms (assault weapons)
• Illegal discharge of a firearm
• Selling a firearm illegally
• Carrying a concealed firearm without a legal permit to do so
• Transporting firearms illegally
• Possessing a firearm when a convicted felon

Firearm Offenses Defense Lawyer in Maryland
If convicted of a firearm offense, you could spend years in state prison. Without a seasoned criminal defense lawyer fighting for your defense, the likelihood of being convicted and serving a harsh sentence is increased.

Dealing with criminal charges related to firearms can be frightening and your future could be forever affected. One thing that you can be sure of is that if you are represented by a criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of John Adams you will increase the possibility of your being found “not guilty”, get a reduced charge or a suspended sentence or can go on with your life without the concern of spending time in jail or prison.

Contact a Maryland Weapons and Firearms Criminal Defense Attorney from the Law Offices of John Adams if you are seeking a high-powered, relentless criminal defense lawyer to fight aggressively for you

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